Genetics in Wisconsin


The Genetics in Wisconsin website gives health professionals, patients, and families access to genetics information and resources. There are helpful links to other sites, as well as family stories that illustrate how Wisconsin genetics services benefit patients and families.

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Wisconsin Newborn Screening (NBS) Program:  An Introduction

A free enduring online continuing education opportunity

Did you know? Not all parent/guardians are notified of their infants’ NBS results and/or needed referrals that were made.

This activity is intended for pediatric clinicians who wish to improve their understanding of the NBS process, communication of NBS results with parent/guardians and making appropriate referrals. This activity was created by geneticists, genetic counselors, pediatricians, public health representatives, the Wisconsin Newborn Screening Laboratory testing professionals and parents.

Target Audience: MD, DO, RN, APRN, LPN, PA, RDN, Midwives, Genetic Counselors, Phlebotomists


Wisconsin Genetic Counselors Association (WIGCA) Virtual Conference

Friday, April 30, 2021.  For more information, go to:


The 2021 Wisconsin Genetics Exchange is Scheduled for Friday, Oct 15 in Milwaukee, WI

Registration to open Summer 2021.
Please direct all inquiries regarding exhibiter opportunities to Kate Stuewe, Wisconsin Genetics Counselors Association (WIGCA).


Inclusion in the Practice of Genomic Medicine: Exploring the Impact of Implicit Biases Towards Disability

A research and educational module which provides free CME or CEU credit through Boston University School of Medicine.