zYouth-to-Adult Transition

Youth-to-adult transition can be a challenge for teens and families dealing with genetic conditions, particularly when health care transition is involved.  These resources can help teens and families to understand the multiple issues that may arise during the transition period, and to access support and assistance when needed.

Links to Resources

Got Transition?

Got Transition? is a national youth health transition website, with information for youth, families, and health care professionals.

Health Transition Wisconsin

This website contains youth-to-adult health care transition resources for youth, families, and health care professionals.

Waisman Center “My Health Pocket Guide”

This resource helps teens to keep track of important issues related to their health care, as they become more independent during the transition period.

Wisconsin Transition Improvement Grant

Wisconsin’s Transition Improvement Grant is focused on youth, parents, educators and other stakeholders in the area of postsecondary transition, with the goal of improving strategies and postively affecting the post school outcomes of students with disabilities.

Youth Hood

The Youthhood is a dynamic, curriculum-based tool that can help young adults plan for life after high school. Although the site addresses youth directly, it is intended to be used as a curriculum within a classroom, community program, or in any setting where adults are working with youth to set goals and plan for the future.