zPractice Tools

APP! PediaGene: AAP Genetics Guide

PediaGene is an app based on the AAP manual Medical Genetics in Primary Care.  The PediaGene aap is FREE to AAP Members through July 1, 2014.

APP! ACMG ACT Sheet Mobile App

ACMG ACT Sheets are helpful resources for health care providers needing information on genetic conditions (newborn screening) to help inform clinical decision making. Now, these resources are available via the FREE ACT Sheet Mobile App.

APP! Marfan DX. 

An app from the Marfan Foundation to assist providers in diagnosis.


This site offers information for providers on early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of children’s neuromuscular diseases, some of which may have genetic components. There are diagnostic and referral algorithms, along with other resources, available.

The ABC’s of CMA:  Genomic Tools:  Chromosomal Microarray

This information about how, when, and why to order and use chromosomal microarray testing is geared towards developmental pediatricians, but may also be of interest to other health care providers.

Genomics for Child Neurology

Case studies, family history materials, and a wealth of other resources related to genomics in child neurology.  From NCHPEG.

Neuromotor Screening

Extensive information on neuromotor screening, from the American Academy of Pediatrics.  As some  neuromotor conditions are genetic in nature, this site may be useful to primary care clinicians, particularly related to indications for genetic testing and referrals.

Before, Between, and Beyond Pregnancy toolkit

This toolkit contains information and resources for preconception and interconception care. Within each category–“desires pregnancy,” “at risk/unsure,” and “does not desire pregnancy,” there is a section on genetic history.

Point of Care Fact Sheets for the Prenatal Provider

These fact sheets were developed to provide point of care information to prenatal providers about genetic and family history risks that are be identified in their pregnant patients.They come from NCHPEG (National Coalition for Healthcare Provider Education in Genetics).

Public Health Genomics

This site, maintained Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce, has an extensive list of resources related to public health genomics.  These resources will be useful to public health professionals practicing at multiple levels.

Fact Sheet:  Implementing Evidence-Based Genomic Tests and Family Health History

This fact sheet from the CDC discusses state-level public health genomic initiatives.  It  may be of  use to providers and public health professionals interested in state cancer genomics efforts.

Genomic Tests and Family History by Levels of Evidence

This resource from the CDC’s Office of Public Health Genomics lists genomic tests by levels of evidence. It may be useful to clinicians and public health professionals.