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This site offers information for providers on early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of children’s neuromuscular diseases, some of which may have genetic components. There are diagnostic and referral algorithms, along with other resources, available.

Neuromotor Screening

Extensive information on neuromotor screening, from the American Academy of Pediatrics.  As some  neuromotor conditions are genetic in nature, this site may be useful to primary care clinicians, particularly related to indications for genetic testing and referrals.

Before, Between, and Beyond Pregnancy toolkit

This toolkit contains information and resources for preconception and interconception care. Within each category–“desires pregnancy,” “at risk/unsure,” and “does not desire pregnancy,” there is a section on genetic history.

1. Before, Between & Beyond:  Link to Genetic History – Before, Between & Beyond Pregnancy (beforeandbeyond.org)

SARA WILL UPDATE Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) Factsheet

This resource provides information on different aspects of NIPT.  Please note that detection rates may have changed since this was published, so it may be necessary to check specifics with individual labs.

4. Add info from ACOG RE: prenatal genetic testing and counseling (if we keep prenatal content)