zFinancial Resources

These resources may help patients and families affected by genetic conditions to learn about health coverage options and other financial resources.

Links to Resources

This site allows families to apply for BadgerCare Plus and other health benefits programs, as well as for nutrition and child care benefits.

BadgerCare Plus provides comprehensive health coverage for qualifying Wisconsin children and families.

These waivers are designed specifically to serve individuals and families with children with mental health, physical or developmental disabilities. This allows flexibility in the use of Medicaid funds.

The Community Options Program (COP) and the Community Options Program Waiver (COP-W) help people get the long-term support they need to remain in their own homes and communities. The goal is to provide cost-effective alternatives to expensive care in institutions and nursing homes.

Healthcare.gov enables families to apply for health insurance coverage available through the federal marketplace.

The Katie Beckett Program is a special eligibility process that allows certain children who are residents of Wisconsin with long-term disabilities or complex medical needs, living at home with their families, to obtain a Wisconsin Medicaid card.  Children who are not eligible for other Medicaid programs because the income or assets of their parents are too high, may be eligible for Medicaid through the Katie Beckett Program.

NORD’s Patient Assistance Programs help patients obtain life-saving or life-sustaining medication they could not otherwise afford

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a Federal income supplement program funded by general tax revenues (not Social Security taxes).  It is designed to helped aged, blind, and disabled people who have little or no income.

Simple, easy-to-read information from Genesinlife.org

A list of resources that has been compiled by the Genetics Systems Integration Hub. These resources may be useful to individuals and families advocating for insurance coverage of genetics healthcare.