Featured Genetics Professional

David Wargowski MD

"Genetics is truly on the frontier of modern medicine.  As with all frontiers, it presents tremendous opportunities, foreboding challenges, and an ever-appealing horizon of new developments.  Working with Genetic Counselors and others to help patients and families navigate this landscape safely is tremendously rewarding."

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The Genetics in Wisconsin website gives health professionals, patients, and families access to genetics information and resources. There are helpful links to other sites, as well as family stories that illustrate how Wisconsin genetics services benefit patients and families. 

To learn more about Genetics and Public Health in Wisconsin, click here.


Folic Acid: What's New in Wisconsin?

An online education module that conveys the importance of folic acid in preventing birth defects, describes provider ability to prescribe prenatal vitamins so that women may access them at a reduced or no cost, and offers strategies to overcome barriers that women may experience when advised to take daily supplements.

Insurance Prior Authorization Templates

ACMG Choosing Wisely list--genetic testing.  This list contains recommendations regarding ordering genetic testing that can affect health care costs.

Traveling Genetics presentations Genetics CME presentations for Wisconsin hospitals/health systems. 

Genetics and Medical Home webinar series